And so it begins...

It was once said that there was one ring to rule them all. In the Windows world, that would have to be "Ring 0". In my quest to understand how to write ndis device drivers for Microsoft operating systems, I found it complex, perplexing and downright easy to get misguided. So many texts that cross reference each other, but don't say much. The msdn articles are right, but confusing to understand at times.

This site is being built for developers like me. I wish I had it when I started out. Hopefully, my experiences will benefit those of you who are overwhelmed by the kernel guru's that don't seem to take time to point you in the right direction. Instead of simply saying "read the ddk", I will point you to resources, readings and information to hopefully make your experiences easier than mine. As I learn more and go through this myself, I will continue to update these pages as best that I can.

If you find this information useful, and you become a "Lord of the Ring0" drop me a line and let me know you found some of these resources useful. If you have resources that you feel could benefit others, also let me know.

- Dana Epp

P.S. Many thanks need to go to Thomas Divine over at PCAUSA for being patient with me as I went through this process and vigouriously asked questions to feed my curosity about driver development and working at ring 0. If you need a good starting point for your own ndis driver development, check out some of his driver development source kits