June 21, 2007

Q&A with the Security MVP Experts

At 4pm PDT today Technet is holding a QA with a bunch of Microsoft Security MVPs. Here is their brief description for a chat this afternoon:

Q&A with the Security MVP Experts

We invite you to attend an Q&A with the Microsoft Security MVPs. In this chat the MVP experts will answer your questions regarding online safety issues such as phishing, spyware, rootkits as well as server related topics. If you have questions on how to protect your PC, please bring them to this informative chat.

Around 4 you can click here to enter the chat room.

Why am I linking to it? Because like Alun, I too have been invited along as one of the "Security MVP Experts" - bring along your questions and concerns, and we'll try our very best to answer them.

P.S> Apologies to Alun for the blatent rip of his post :)

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June 19, 2007

Martin McKeay interview on PodTech Security Channel

A couple of months ago I was down at Linuxfest Northwest presenting on strong authentication in Linux environments. One of the interesting things that happened while I was there was that I got to hook up with Martin Mckeay, a fellow security professional and blogger who I have a lot of respect for. He runs the Security Channel for PodTech along side his day job as product evangelist for StillSecure, and while we were talking after my presentation he whipped out a camera and started filming me.

The result is a 15 minute video on strong authentication, with some Cardspace and OpenID peppered in there for flavour. Have a look if you are interested in such things:

Thanks to Martin for a fun interview!

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June 12, 2007

Time Machine: Why Apple perceptually has a better handle on information retention and recovery

I have to give Apple credit. They understand how to make complex things like information retention and recovery operations seem simple with an elegant user interface. No... a SEXY user interface. Sometimes I wish Microsoft had more designers, and less computer scientists when they work on features the user feels and touches.

Apple's "Time Machine" feature is just that. A way to go back in time and recover an earlier copy of a file. Microsoft has the same ability with Volume Shadow Copies, but it is in no way as sexy, and easy to use for end users. Hell, most people don't even know about the "Previous Versions" tab in the properties of files and directories, and few know how to even configure it.

Apple, props to you. You have made information retention and recovery a pleasant experience for users in Leopard.

To any ISV in the Microsoft ecosystem that is up for a challenge, go use the new sexy WPF in all its glory and make a better one for Vista.:)

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