February 09, 2007

Apple...you're a bunch of FUD monkies. You know dick about Vista security!

I love the "Get a Mac" ads. They are quite funny, even if I don't always agree with them.

But today I am calling bullsh*t to the ignorant and arrogant marketing department at Apple. You know dick about Vista security, and really should go back and sit in a corner and mumble about how you own the digital music world... because you don't have anything to be proud of in the security department. Or did you forget about the ugliness with the Month of Apple Bugs?

I hate FUD. Fear, uncertainty and doubt is NOT needed in the security world; those people that use it to sell their wares do so because they have little positive to say about their own stuff.

Funny enough, Michael Howard blogged about a similar issue with a person he knows. It's so easy to criticize without actually USING the product. I have been using Vista since the eary betas, and run it as a Standard User. I am in the most constrained environment you can be in a typical network environment, and I am lucky if I see a prompt once a day. Once your software is installed and configured, you won't see security prompts through UAC unless you do something that really needs privileges. And that is the perfect time TO have them come up.

So get off the pot and actually USE Vista before you bad mouth UAC. You have no friggin clue what you are talking about. Susan says she is seeing the geeks at Best Buy disabling UAC so customers don't see the prompts. As I said last year, when set up properly Vista's UAC isn't there to hinder a user's experience. Rather it is there to inform the user when they take action that requires higher privileges and may be against the policy of the organization. Don't lose that. Don't disable UAC.

And don't believe Apple's marketing. They don't know what the hell they are talking about.

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February 02, 2007

Slidedeck of my "Threat Modeling and Information Asset Protection" presentation now available

Ok. ok. So enough of you are firing emails to me today asking for the presentation I did last night at the Vancouver TUG about information asset protection and how to use threat modeling to evaluate risk.

So here it is. I put it in a PDF format since most of you are not running Office 2007 yet to read my PPTX anyways.

Remember, its about the information. Everything else is secondary. And if you want to grab Microsoft's Threat Analysis and Modeling tool that I showed some of you, you can download it for free here.


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