November 17, 2006

Maybe Microsoft Live Search isn't so bad

So I have made no bones about the fact I prefer Google over Live search. It drives some MS people just batty. But the reality is that the relevance data in Google is just that much better due to the fact they have more history. Google is currently doing a better job there.... although to be fair Live has been catching up quickly. And of course, Google Groups search ROCKS... and is something MS just ain't doing.

I spent yesterday at Microsoft meeting with the SBS and Centro teams. At one point Kevin Beares showed me an interesting feature in Live search that has me rethinking its use. With Live search, you can write macros which can be saved and used by the community. Kevin talked about a special SBS community one he built that allows for a SBS community search which returns WAY MORE relevant data than a generic search. WAY COOL.

After seeing Kevin's demo of the macro search, it got me to thinking. If the Live team added a few things this could be a KILLER feature. One of my favorite tools at Technorati is their watch list. It allows me to search for certain keywords and have the results return in an RSS feed for me. In this way I can find new blogs that talk about things that interest me. And it works well.

Live Macro needs this. Imagine Kevin's tool for a second. If I could use his macro, and then attach the keyword of "Cougar", my RSS reader will tell me when anyone in the SBS community talks about Cougar. I don't have to go looking for it. It will come to me. And instead of searching millions of feeds, I would be searching a subset of what I believe is useful. I made my own macro for, which returns relevant data FASTER than their server. A faster way to search through Susan's posts. :)

This is the type of vision I believe Robert Scoble would have wanted to see Live do. Subscribe to a macro search result. It would replace many of the watch list items I have at Technorati right now, and give an entirely new use to Live search. Hey Robert, wanna use your influence to let the Live team know about this? I think it would be a killer feature request.

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November 01, 2006

Tesla Roadster - Go green in style

This is my next car.

I have no idea how I am going to pay for it, but I know I want it. This has the sexiness you want in a car, with the performance to boot. Oh, did I mention its an ELECTRIC car capable of going 400km on a single charge? And goes from 0 to 100 kph in about 4 seconds?

So what if I can buy two Lotus for the price of this thing. I could say I was doing my part for the environment. I wonder if I could then use the HOV lane on Hwy 1.

No reliance on oil. High performance. Sexiness. Midlife crisis time.

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