May 15, 2009

Microsoft SDL bans mempcy()... next it will be zeros!!!!

So recently Microsoft banned memcpy() from their SDL process, which got several of us talking about perf hits and the likes when using the replacement memcpy_s, especially since it has SAL mapped to it. For those that don't know, SAL is the "Standard Annotation Language" that allows programmers to explicitly state the contracts between params that are implicit in C/C++ code. I have to admit its sometimes hard to read SAL annotations, but it works extremely well to be able to help compilers know when things won't play nice. It is great for static code analysis of args in functions, which is why it works so sweet for things like memcpy_s()... as it will enforce checks for length between buffers.

Anyways, during the discussion Michael Howard said something that had me fall off my chair laughing. And I just had to share it with everyone, because I think it would make a great tshirt in the midst of this debate:

Oh, I'm thinking of banning zero's next - so we can no longer have DIV/0 bugs! Waddya think?

OK.. so its a Friday and that is funny to only a few of us. Still great fun though.

Have a great long weekend! (For you Canadian folks that is)

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Why do you start every post with "So"?. That's like, so, annoying...

Posted by: Mike at May 23, 2009 05:10 PM