March 02, 2009

Using Information Cards when using Microsoft services

I am down on the Microsoft campus for the week hanging with other security professionals. As I was coming to the building to listen to Steve Riley a few Security MVPs and I were talking about identity and I was surprised to hear that they didn't realize you can use a managed Information Card issued by Microsoft Live ID to provide single sign on to most of Microsoft's ecosystem. I use mine all the time, giving me single sign-on to MSDN, TechNet, Live, Connect etc.

Back in 2007 I actually blogged how to do this. But most people didn't realize that it has been rolled out to work with production services now, and has for some time (as a beta). So this blog is to provide a link on how to do this.

Rather simple.... just go here:

Doing that will get you issued a managed card which you can use on XPSP3, Vista and Windows 7 workstations. When you sign up, you will now have an option to present an information card. It looks like this:

So if you ever find yourself complaining that you hate entering your Passport/LiveID password all the time when logging into Microsoft services, fear not. Use an Information Card and take advantage of single sign-on!...

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