January 29, 2008

MSDN Ignite Security Conference - My "Thinking like a Hacker" slidedeck

So it's been fun today. I have been a speaker at the Ignite MSDN Virtual Security Conference presenting to a few hundred developers interested in secure software development. I presented on how to "Think like a Hacker", where I discuss the views, motives and processes an adversary may use to attack your applications. For those that asked, you can download a copy of my slidedeck here.

I have to apologize for a few of the pauses during my presentation. We are having a snow storm and the heat in the building has went out. I had people walk into my office with portable heaters and they disturbed my thoughts and flow, and I had to stop to let them plug in in the heaters so I could warm up. (I could almost see my breath)

No matter though. All is good. Thanks to Microsoft for inviting me to come speak, and to all of you that came out to listen!

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