November 24, 2004

A look inside how Microsoft approaches Testing

Recently I have been fascinated about testing. I am looking to hire a good QA guy who knows how to build test plans, automated unit tests and knows how to properly manage bug tracking. As I was reading up on some of the latest approaches being used, I stumbled across an interesting blog entry on Scott's site on how Microsoft tested ASP.NET 2.0 as it has been developed. This was a VERY interesting article to me. Ever since I sat in with Chris and had an awesome demo on Team System (go check out the personal demo I got on Channel 9, or read my blog entry about it) I have been interested in building a better process here. I loved seeing some of the tools Microsoft is using to do this; Maddog looks like it rocks.

Anyways, if you have an interest in seeing how Microsoft does quality assurance testing, check out the article.

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